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As believing women, we need to get past the idea that being a "housewife" or "Suzy Homemaker" is a bad thing or all there is for women.  We also have to get past the time frame of the earthly realm and realize we are eternal creatures, created to rule and reign in eternity.  God has entrusted each woman with a "kingdom"; her home.  The woman of the world is totally oblivious to this and usually ends up turning her kingdom over to housekeepers, cooks, public school teachers, coaches and then goes off to find a "career".  This is normal in the world, but what a shame when those who claim to believe in God, Yeshua and also claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit follow the examples of worldly women.  In the long run, the woman who forsakes her "kingdom", can not be trusted with eternal riches.  She will not only lose her family on earth, but will lose the eternal rewards that come with tending to her family.  Psalms 68:12 says "She who tarries at home divides the spoils".  Guess what, those who don't tarry at home don't divide the spoils, but are spoiled and their houses are divided.
These women are called "silly women" in the writings of the apostles.  They are lead captive and lured away from their homes.  Their children become "wards of the state" and end up looking just like the children of the world.  They also end up losing their husbands to women who will watch over them. 
There really is power in the word of God, but it must be found, believed and acted upon.  If we want to take back out homes and claim our kingdoms we have to be obedient to God and his will. 
If you have been fooled into believing that housework, childcare and loving your husband is a "waste of time", think again.  When you realize that your child will become a man or woman and will rule and reign in one of two kingdoms, you will realize the significance of your responsibility.  Also an eternal kingdom principle is that "he who is faithful in little will be made master over much".  If you see your home as a microcosm of the spiritual realm, you will learn much and be able to take the lessons learned here and apply them to the eternal spiritual realm. 
We need to take back our kingdoms.  We need to claim the new generations for the kingdom of God.  We need to put hasatan under our feet where he belongs.  He is a worm and he's has deceived us way too long. 
Ladies, put on the full armor of God that you may stand against the wiles of the adversary.  He is hunting like a lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Are you easy prey for him?  Have you given up your first kingdom for money?  Have you made your children walk through the fire for Molech (money)?  Have you turned your heart to serve idols and made idols of the women of the world?  Are you more like Oprah Winfrey or like Sarah of Abraham?  You must decide.  Do not think that you will be able to offer excuses to God when you are face to face with him.  It will be too late. 
If you'd like to repent, to find the place where you got turned around, then send a prayer request.  I will stand with you for your kingdom, but you must stand first.