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I am in the process of doing research in the area of ministry to widows.  After visiting a group that has been ministering to widows for 10 years, I found out that the following characteristics are common for widows that they deal with:

  • at least 60 years old
  • feel lonely and abandoned
  • endure multiple health problems
  • live on fixed incomes of $450 a month or less
  • own their own homes
  • have been neglected by immediate or extended family
  • live in high crime areas
  • are prime targets for con artists

This may or may not surprise you.  Within these areas are issues that need to be dealt with as well.  Age has inherent problems and inherent blessings.  Problems such as health and infirmity are common.  We also live in a society that doesn't value its elder citizens.  They are taken for granted and even taken advantage of.  Most churches focus on the youth with the excuse that "the youth are our future".  To be honest though, being in ministry for some 18 years I know that the little grandmas and grandpas are the ones who faithfully support ministries with their tithes and offerings.  The young rarely tithe and rarely contribute to a congregation.  The elderly will give even if it means they go without bare necessities.  I'm not sure how I will begin, but just a little knowledge will go a long way to setting a scenario for change. 

God has not forgotten the widow. He has many references in both the Old and New Covenants dealing with the needs and His care for widows. If you are a widow, read these and get faith for your future. If you have been "left behind" let go of the anger you are feeling and get faith for the calling on your life. God isn't through with you. He hasn't forsaken you. You must realize you have been spared for a reason. He doesn't leave us here as a torment. You have a job to do and staying sad, bitter or angry will keep you from fulfilling your destiny in Christ. Take the time to look through these 76 scriptures that tell you God's heart for the widow.

Scripture verses for widows:

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