Rom. 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

     These words have been running through my mind over and over for many days now.  It seems that I always have areas that need to be changed or transformed.  I have emboldened these words because that is how they jumped out at me last week.  I was experiencing alarming symptoms in my body and as is my practice I went to the word like some might go to the medicine cabinet for a pill. 

     This whole situation is much like many other situations I’ve dealt with.  When I face physical, emotional or spiritual lows I tend to pull aside and get in the word and get the word in me; I also listen for the Spirit of God to speak to me.  He is always sending answers to those who have their receivers on.  He reminded me of the words of another man of God as I was going through this “valley”.  “Healing comes from the spirit out to the flesh”.  I can hear those words clearly as if they were being said to me today.  Another woman of God shared an analogy that the Lord showed her while preaching in the Philippines.  She was looking at a fountain outside her hotel window.  The water was spraying high and fast from the spigots of that fountain.  The Lord taught her that as long as there was water flowing from that fountain no garbage could remain.  We’re told also in the word of God that out of our bellies (inner man) will flow rivers of living water.  This will only happen if we have the word going in and flowing out.  We aren’t allowed to dam it up, store it in barrels or hog it for ourselves.  Folks who study and study and never use what they are learning for others will end up with rancid, stagnant pools within themselves.  I know folks like this.  They hibernate, never associate with other people, hide behind fear and make excuses for never sharing the gospel. 

     I used to be one of those people so I can see the symptoms pretty clearly.  The Lord dealt with me about my selfishness in this arena and I began to step out and share the life lessons the Father had taught me.  We are never to be transformed into the likeness of God for our own benefit alone.  Sure we need to understand healing before we minister healing, but we don’t receive healing so we can stay home, watch TV, and play on the computer, read novels or a thousand other diversions I used to take part in rather than be around people. 

     Let’s go back to the first part of this verse.  It says that we aren’t supposed to be conformed to this world.  This world is made up selfish ego centric people.  Even when they do good deeds, it is so folks will see them or so they can feel good about themselves.

     As I was meditating on these few words, I began to see how my flesh would be transformed from what I had to what God wanted me to have.  Have you ever noticed how a few words spoken by inspiration of the Holy Spirit can be like a seven course meal?  I looked up the word transformed in my bible program looking for all similar occurrences.  The Strong’s number is 3339 for those of you who enjoy looking it up.  Here are the times it is mentioned:


Matt 17:2

Mark 9:2

Rom 12:2

2 Cor 3:18


     The first two scriptures refer to Y’shua’s transfiguration!  The last two refer to our transformation or “metamorphosis”.  We are to be transformed just as Y’shua was transformed before the eyes of his most trusted disciples. If you go back to the Greek root of this word you will see that we are to submit ourselves to a pattern and that pattern is Y’shua. 

     I enjoy sewing, I can use patterns, but I really like making my own patterns.  In the kingdom of God we have an established accepted pattern and he is Y’shua.  In my sewing class in 7th grade I was a rebellious student.  I had sewn before I stepped into the classroom.  I was used to doing things my own way.  Now this is good when you need to make yourself a dress and haven’t had any formal teaching.  It was not good for me in that classroom.  I didn’t want to submit to the pattern that my teacher had drawn out.  I didn’t want to use seam tape or hem lace.  I’d sewn many dresses without aid of such things.  In my mind they were frivolous and added to the cost of the garment.  In my teacher’s mind, she was thinking about teaching us tailoring.  She was teaching girls how to sew who had never threaded a needle.  I’d had other teachers (my grandma and mother) and was used to following their examples, but when you’re required to submit to a new teacher you have to be willing to obey the rules of that new teacher. 

     When we are in the world we have many teachers.  We have our parents, our siblings, our extended family members, our peers and of course our school teachers.  Each “teacher” has his/her own set of rules and patterns that you follow.  When you accept God as your Father by choosing His representative Y’shua you submit to a whole new set of rules.  The really great thing is that God’s rules are written like those that might be engraved in granite; they never change!  The more of these rules or patterns we know the more we are transformed.  If we need healing and submit to His healing patterns, the better our bodies feel!  If we need finances and submit to His financial patterns, the more prosperous we become.  You get the drift.  So the next time you are faced with some sort of obstacle, situation or circumstance why not consider looking for the pattern for success in His word.  Get at least two or three different yet corresponding pattern pieces (scriptures from different places in the word that agree) and begin to meditate on them.  Then pray in the spirit and finally listen for the Spirit of God to add to what you’ve just heard.  You will find your situation being “transformed” or transfigured and this change in your situation will prove what is God’s good, His acceptable and finally His perfect will in your life!