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Clean is in the smelling

A bathroom isn't clean if it doesn't smell clean so let's get started.

TOILET: Flush the toilet to wet down all surfaces. Apply cleaner under the rim of the toilet and allow to flow down into water.  Close the lid so pets and children don't venture in. Allow to sit for about 5-10 minutes.  *Consider using less toxic and non-bleach cleaners if you have a septic system. Bleaches kill the effectiveness of your septic system and cause backups.  You can purchase septic renewal products at your local grocery store and they will be poured down toilets and drains to insure a "healthy" septic system.

After allowing the cleaner to soak, use a non-abrasive scrubber and remove any visible "dirt".  Flush. 

SINKS, TUBS, & SHOWERS: Your sinks,  tubs and showers are next.  You can use the new anti-scum and lime products but they are very toxic and caustic.  Why not make your own solution of vinegar and distilled water and keep it in a new spray bottle?  Vinegar is totally natural and doesn't burn if left on your skin.  The smell also dissipates in a few moments and leaves surfaces clean and shiny. 

Did you know that if you use bubble bath when bathing you will have fewer bathtub rings? 

First I remove all shampoos, soaps and "stuff" from the shower. I have a broom that has a pivot on it so that I can scrub my husband's shower.  I apply my anti-scum solution and let it soak.  Then I scrub using my broom and rinse. 

I do the same for the tub.  *I also wipe around the tub after bathing and it sure cuts down on the weekly cleaning.  I use my "used" washrag and get any hair, dust or other "junk" and toss it in the hamper. 

I then clean off the surfaces around the sinks, use some cleaner in and around the sinks (vinegar solution works on chrome). 

MIRRORS: Next come the mirrors.

FLOOR: Last I sweep and damp mop the floor and the job is done.  A little disinfectant spray and the room smells as good as it looks.

BATHROOM TRASH: I use recycled grocery bags to line my little bathroom trash.  I may line it with as many as three bags so I can keep the trash at a minimum during the week.  I have pets that play in the trash and this eliminates the hassles of cleaning up after them.

TOWELS: Now's a good time to replace all the towels in the room.  It makes everything look really clean.

HINT: Wiping surfaces after every use eliminates huge cleaning jobs later.  My husband wipes around his sink after shaving and brushing his teeth and I wipe around mine after my regime.  Hubby also sprays his shower with "anti-scum" mixture after showering.