Back Under the Law and the antichrist.

We are seeing an alarming trend that is so dangerous it has even affected our own family.  As men and women discover that we have been cheated of some truth about the heritage of our faith, they are consulting ancient studies written by men who hated Yeshua.  These so called "sages" may have had some understanding of the law, but they also rejected the life, holiness and sacrifice made my our Messiah.  We're told in the New Covenant that Yeshua is the door to the Father and that NO MAN can come to the Father without the atoning work of Yeshua as his/her foundation. 

We will be addressing this in more depth as time progresses and you can learn more by visiting the First Light section of this website (there is a link on the left of this page) and download our free newsletter "The First Light Herald".  My husband deals with this subject in many of the newsletters. 

We are seeing folks rejecting Yehsua/Jesus and putting themselves back under the law and the subsequent curses.  It is impossible for man to keep the law and because of it they are under the curse without an answer.  Yeshua/Jesus was, is and always will be the only answer to the curse. 

We pray for those who've made this grave error and hope that they can find repentance.  Please be cautious not to be tempted to study such things that will cause the veil to return to your eyes so you can not see the truth.