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Walking as a widow is a new thing for me. God has always provided for my needs and has continued to do so since my husband went home to be with the Lord. His departure was sudden, but God had provided plenteously prior to his departure and I continue to be amazed at that provision.

I understand the way the Body of Christ/Messiah works. The bible teaches us that "no man (or woman) lives to himself (or herself) and no man (or woman) lives to himself (or herself). I am standing for many needs to be met along this new pathway I find myself upon.

I still have a farm to care for as well as a ministry. I covet prayers for God's direction in the days ahead. I want to hear His voice and obey His directions. I was submitted to a man who I could see and endeavor to be more submitted to God as He leads and directs me.

Thank you for your prayers. I would love to pray for you as well. You can submit your prayers at the prayer request page and I promise to put your petitions before the Lord. I may not contact you immediately, but I get the prayer requests as soon as they are submitted and work to be constantly in prayer for the Body.

Prayer Requests