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Yeshua/Jesus quoting Deuteronomy said we would have the poor with us always, because of this we need to be ever vigilant to care for them.  We are the extended hand of the Father on the earth.  We are to walk as Yeshua walked, feeding the poor, caring for the poor.  Many times he illustrated the lives of men who had wealth and ignored the poor, the consequences of their self-centeredness was not good. 

As proverbial women our responsibility is to give to the poor, to consider them when we purchase food, to pray for their needs, to be ever ready to give alms to take the burden off the world around us.  Alms or giving to the poor should be a regular part of a woman's responsibilities. 

Our home has a Tzedakah (Hebrew for righteousness), a bank set aside for the poor.  Most of our change goes into this bank and as God leads during the year we give it to someone that comes into our hearts to bless.  We also make it a regular part of our lives to give good clothing, food and whatever else the Father would lay on our hearts to give to the poor around us.  Here are some ideas and places where you too can make alms or giving a part of your life.

One thing to remember is that we aren't to do our giving to be recognized or to be seen (unless you are teaching your children to give-here you can demonstrate giving).  When we do these things to be seen, that's about all the reward we will obtain.  We also aren't supposed to give to the point that we are in need.  A slow progressive practice of giving insures you will reap, and therefore be able to give more and more.  Common sense is a real important gift, and we all need to pray for it as an every day part of our living.

Are you poor?  Are you tired of being poor? 

Do you want out of poverty?

Dealing with poverty in your own life can be challenging, but not impossible.  Poverty is controlled by a spirit, but just like any low level demon spirit, the spirit behind poverty can be cast out.  It doesn't matter what race you are, where you live, where you come from, you can be free of poverty.


  1. Your first goal is to decide you want to be free of poverty.  You have to let go of the sympathy and free handouts you get through welfare and other groups or agencies.  You have to decide you want to work, because slothfulness brings on poverty.  The first actual steps are always hardest, but then things get easier.  James tells us to "confess our faults one to another that we may be healed".  So if you want to confess that you're tired of poverty and lack and want out, feel free to email me at  I can  receive your confession just as any believer can, and can also stand with you for your freedom. One of the real steps to coming out of poverty is diligence in God's word.  If you won't take the time to find out what God says about poverty, you won't find His pathway to freedom.  I can't do the work for you, because it requires your diligence.  If, however, you don't have a bible that's another issue.  Contact me:, I will see to it that you get a bible.  
  2. Now that you've made that decision, you have to get in the bible and find scriptures dealing with poverty, lack and prosperity and abundance.  Just with anything to be had from the kingdom, you need to get your answers from God.  You have to be diligent in your studies.  Proverbs is an excellent place to find scriptures dealing with poverty, lack, abundance and prosperity.  Here's one I especially love from the New Testament "Beloved, I pray above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospers" 3 John 2. Here you can see that prosperity comes in line with the prosperity of your soul (mind, will and emotions).  The more you line your soul up with God's word and put His principles into practice, the more you will prosper. 
  3. Keep a journal of the scriptures you find.  Then confess what you find, speak it out into the realm of God's kingdom.  The Holy Spirit confirms the Word with signs following.  When you see a place where you are not doing what it says, be quick to repent and make adjustments.  For example:  If you read that too much sleep causes poverty, then make a point to get your eight hours, but no more. 
  4. Be a giver, think like a giver, act like a giver.  God gives more seed to those who sow seed.  He multiplies seed sown!  Change from being a taker!  Takers only receive the gift, givers are blessed in that "it is more blessed (multiplying) to give than receive".  If you give God is able to give you more.  The whole process is supernatural!  Be a conduit of blessing.  If God sees you storing up for yourself He can't continue to give.  He gives seed to sowers not hoarders. 2 Cor. 9:6-11 (great verses)
  5. Praise God when victory comes.  He inhabits your praises and that means He's right where you are!  How exciting. 
  6. Last of all, testify to your successes.  Again, I would love to hear from you if you're walking free of poverty.  You can email me at anytime.