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Each woman has the capability to chose fields, whether actual fields in which seeds are sown, grown and harvested or fields in this natural world.  My fields are diverse but to give an example of the fields in which one can sow and harvest I will share just a little of what I do with some of my time.

Computers:  I decided many years ago that computers were something that would be important in the last days.  Because of this importance I spent some time on a consistent basis learning what I could.  I didn't focus on one type of computer or one area of software or computing.  I have a Macintosh computer users group which I founded over 12 years ago.  You can find lots of helps at our website. I also had a PC group for three years, but it went by the wayside due to lack of interest by its members. 

Languages: I enjoy learning languages and am presently working on perfecting Spanish and Russian.  Languages open us up to evangelism opportunities and I'm constantly amazed at how the Father opens doors to me because of my limited knowledge of these two languages.  Here is a free site where you can take English text and quickly translate it into languages which share our alpha bet.  Free

Web authoring: Along with computing I enjoy creating and maintaining our website. 

Needlework and crafts: I don't get a lot of time for this, but when I do I really enjoy crewel embroidery, crocheting, sewing and wearable arts.  I would love to receive crocheting patterns for practical items. I like making scrapbooks, greeting cards and paper crafts as well.

Children's ministries: I've taught children since I was very small.  When I was a young girl I would host 5 day clubs and evangelize little children.  Today I still enjoy teaching toddlers and young children.  I love to create object lessons that not only touch children, but will also minister to adults. I love biblical lessons, and would love to hear from other women who like to do the same things.   

We also enjoy music in our home. My husband plays the banjo and I am learning the accordion. I also love plinking on my keyboards or autoharp. My main focus is playing praise and worship, but sometimes I just like playing a tune or making up a new melody. I use my music for many things.

I also love clowning, but mainly for the gospel. I'm not into birthday party clowning or such things. I've done that and it's not how I want to spend the kingdom time I've been allotted.

These are just a few of the things I enjoy and ways in which I reach out to my family and to the people around me.  Please take time to share some of what you do and ways in which you sown in your fields.