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One of the best lessons I've learned in this past year (2002) is to recognize when I'm being lead by God or driven by the adversary.  I realized through much study that there was a pattern to men of God who were successful, they were never driven to do a thing.  I also realized that most men who weren't successful, or who started out well but ended up badly is that they were driven by some force, some addiction, some devil.  Whenever I found myself feeling "driven", I would meditate up scriptures that illustrated God as a Shepherd. 

Yeshua was constantly lead by the spirit of Compassion, or the Holy Spirit.  He is likened to the gentleness of a dove and just knowing this helped me recognize the adversary and then resist his attacks.  If I'm ever driven now, I merely sit back, think on some peace making scripture and tell the demon to be silent.  Eventually he gets tired of messing with me and leaves.

If you study the beginnings of the gospels where Yeshua was lead by the Holy Spirit of God into the wilderness, you will soon notice that the adversary shows up to drive him to feed himself, to bow down to him or drives him to kill himself.  He tries these same things with us today.  We can use the same scriptures the Lord used to send him packing. 

From now on, weigh how you are being lead.  Is it a gentle leading or a pressing drive?  When you can recognize these two things you can resist the driving forces of the adversary!