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Helpful Hints

  • Don't allow your clean laundry to lay around in baskets. Not only can you avoid wrinkles by folding and putting away clothes immediately, but you also won't have this chore hanging over your head and staring at you from the bedroom floor.
  • If you don't wear it, get rid of it. Cleaning out your clothes and keeping only what you wear will help make room in dressers and closets so that there is room for every piece of clothing.
  • Use a large mesh bag to wash items that can't be dried in the dryer. When the washer is finished, simply pull out the mesh bag and throw the rest of the items in the dryer. You won't have to search through wet clothes, and you won't accidentally dry (and shrink) a piece of clothing that should be hung up.
  • Teach each family member  to be responsible for getting his/her own clothes to the laundry room. It may help to have a portable laundry hamper or basket in each child's room. It's then his or her responsibility to put dirty clothes in the receptacle and bring it to the laundry area once a week. And have your kids help you do the laundry so that they can learn the basics.
  • Place a  dryer sheet in your dresser drawers or linen closets, and your clothes, sheets, and towels will smell freshly washed for weeks. Hang sheets freely or place them in an open envelope to avoid direct contact with fabrics.
  • Have a set day of the week to do your laundry, that way you won't feel like you're always doing laundry.
  • Add a dry bath towel to a dryer full of wet clothes to help it dry faster.
  • Remember to clean out the lint filter in your dryer, and periodically check the washer and dryer hoses for damage and dust.
  • For the best equipment performance, you should occasionally clean your dryer vent. It also reduces the risk of fire.
  • Use separate hampers or baskets for whites, darks, jeans, and delicates. Teach your family members to put clothing items in the proper hampers/baskets. It will save you time on laundry day.
  • You might install a bar on the wall for hanging clothes straight from the dryer, such as shirts and slacks.