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Yes Virginia, there are still a few women who do their own ironing.  I am one of those women, and I'm sure there are four or five others who find it relaxing and revitalizing.  I personally use the time to listen to preaching or teaching tapes.  I can focus on what's being said while I get a much needed task out of the way.  Here are some things I've learned about ironing that might be of help to ladies who haven't discovered the lost art.

  • Linen articles iron easier when damp.
  • If your iron's soleplate (the underside) is clean your ironing is easier.
  • An ironing board cover should be padded and snug. I prefer heat reflecting covers.
  • Use spray starch for natural fabrics like linen, cottons etc.
  • Use spray fabric finishes for blends.
  • Hang ironed table clothes they stay nicer that way.
  • Never iron dirty clothing.
  • Hang up clothing that can wrinkle as soon as the dryer stops.  This will insure fewer wrinkles and less work for you.
  • Don't leave a dryer full of easily wrinkled clothing on while you're away.  If you must dry and fly, fill it with towels and t-shirts.
  • Don't overdry clothing as this can set wrinkles in.
  • When you dry start with the items that require the least heat and then increase the iron temperature with the items that need increased heat. 
  • Let your steam iron preheat before you iron.  You'll find you have fewer leaks.
  • Never leave a hot iron unattended with children around. 

Cleaning the interior chamber of your steam iron.

  1. Pour distilled water into the water chamber until your iron is half full. Fill to the top with white vinegar. (Iron should be off and cool.)
  2. Turn the iron to hot/cotton and allow to heat for 15 minutes, then let cool for an hour.
  3. Dump water/vinegar out of iron.
  4. Repeat above steps, except omit vinegar and use water only. After draining a second time, the iron is ready to fill and use.
  5. This type of  cleaning is a must if you live in an area which has hard water.

Cleaning the soleplate of your iron.

I use a cleaner that is specifically designed to be used with steam irons.  Applied while the iron is hot it gets the stickiest goo off of my iron.  Look for it in your local grocery store in the starch section.  There are other ways of cleaning, but I'm also a crafter and have found the commercial cleaner works with glue gun residue as well as t-shirt iron ons.  If it can get these hard to remove goodies off, it can get your goo off!.