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Cooking is one of the jobs of the Proverbs 31 housewife.  For me it is an expression of love and creativity.  I don't always enjoy cooking, but most of the time consider it a blessing to be able to prepare a meal for my husband.  When my daughter was at home, it was a joy to teach her to cook and to cook well.  She is quite a little chef these days and tries some really difficult things (things I wouldn't even consider trying). 

Cooking has been relegated to one of the lowest places on the list of "to dos" in many households.  Restaurants, convenience foods and fast food chains have taken the place of the family meal.  What is the result of this new "lifestyle" change; obese children, obese husbands and obese wives.  We are seeing families grow further and further apart because people eat in front of the TV or in shifts.  Children watching TV see commercials where they can feed themselves fat and sodium filled foods popped into a microwave and eaten while playing games on the computer or TV.  We see more commercials where the husbands are doing all the kitchen work and wives pop in at the last moment to eat the meals they prepare.  Never mind that the husband has also worked all day and is exhausted.  The wives now have "their own" careers and they won't be saddled with the "menial" jobs of caring for their homes.

Actual housewives are looked at as mindless, ignorant women with few usable skills and unattractive to anyone but the lowest of the low laboring man. But as women of God we should all rejoice for the Word tells us that "She that tarries at home divides the spoils". To stay at home is a privilege and also a God given right. We don't have to become men to have value. First of all it is impossible to become what we are not. We are already of equal value in God's eyes so who else matters?

God has given me the love of languages,  the ability work computers, maintain  this web site, the talent to create a brochure that could sell ice to Eskimos, and I am able to cook, sew, paint, sing, play several musical instruments, taught my daughter all the way through high school (at home), have traveled to the other side of the planet, studied many subjects and have only worked outside the home a total of about 2 years.  Even if all I could do was to keep a home without all the other abilities I'd be satisfied as I am doing what God calls me to do. What higher calling is there?

Most of the time when working outside the home I was submitted to crooked, wicked, immoral men who had no business doing the jobs they were paid to do.  I much prefer to submit to my husband who is a godly man. His requests are always tempered with love and patience and he treats me more than fairly.

There are many women out there just like myself who are not embarrassed to say "I'm a housewife", because we don't need the world to acknowledge us.  For those of you who understand these words, praise God for the housekeeping woman.  We're worth a whole lot more than some self-satisfied woman who has to have a career to feel fulfilled. 

Cooking is just one more facet of the multi-faceted housewife and it's really an art. There are complete cooking channels on TV so in the eyes of those who eat our wares it is a wondrous thing.