Grocery Shopping

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Here are some tips to help you buy wisely and healthy. 

  • Always make a weekly menu using ingredients on hand first.
  • Make your grocery list based on items you need to prepare meals on your prepared menu.
  • Clean out the freezer and refrigerator first, it will be easier to put items away.
  • Never go shopping hungry.  Carry a granola bar in case you feel hungry mid shopping.
  • Buy in bulk for large families, avoid bulk for couples and singles.
  • Don't shop from the checkout stand.  Those items are impulse buys and can add up. Did you know that you can pay 500% more for batteries at the checkout than at a dollar-type store?
  • Shop on the perimeter of the store and avoid the aisles with sugar and carbohydrate based items like cookies, crackers, chips, candies and canned beverages. Avoid the "Convenience" foods that are full of salt and sugars.
  • Only use coupons for items you buy normally. 
  • Make a book with lists of items you use regularly and include prices.  Carry it with you and compare prices.  If you see an item at a dollar-type store that is cheaper you can quickly compare and save. 
  • Shop for everyday grocery items at larger stores as they tend to have quantity discounts.
  • Buy good quality meats at stores that provide organic or kosher meats.  Read meat labels.  I discovered that the butchers at the local discount super store added flavorings to it's ground meat.  Yuck.
  • Pick up a sales sheet before you buy a single item.  Look for better buys and adjust your list using the sale flyer. For instance, if you have meatloaf on your menu and chickens are severely discounted, consider having baked chicken instead.
  • Keep your receipts and check them when you get home.  See any unusual items or totals?  Humans make mistakes.
  • Buy fresh veggies and fruit.
  • Check all dairy expiration dates before you buy.
    • Organic milk keeps much longer than milk with hormones and anti-biotics in it. It may cost more, but you can keep it in your fridge much longer as long as it is in a paper carton. The plastic jugs allow too much light in and spoil quicker.
  • Check out the dollar stores for sales then visit the grocery store.
  • Get the Sunday paper and go through the grocery sales and clip coupons.