Many believers are coming out of Babylon, the false religious system that pretends to be G-d's system. Daniel foretold of the Antichrist and how he would come in and replace the commandments of G-d and the feasts and festivals of G-d. The Spirit of Antichrist has been around since Yeshua walked, but it's working in America and around the world today.  Recognizing it is of paramount importance.  Read Leviticus 26 and you will see the levels of hell that come to a nation that replaces G-d and His commandments with their own god and their own laws.  Here are some sites that will help folks understand why:

Why no Christmas?

Are You Christians or Jews? (One woman's opinion)

Why no Easter? (A website dedicated to teaching us how to recognize paganism and flee from it.)

Back Under the Law and the spirit of antichrist.


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