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Just like every other thing that we must do as believers, we are required to trust or believe God for our children. Not only do we make mistakes in rearing our children, but some of us were unsaved when we raised them. No matter where you are in the parenting field, you as a believer must BELIEVE. Now believing is based upon either the written or the spoken word. If you don't know the written word God MAY speak out loud to you, but more likely He will point you towards His written word so you'll know the difference between His voice and the thief's voice.

So you ask, what now? Get a concordance. I suggest that every home have a Strong's concordance. Now look up verses dealing with children and parents. Proverbs is full of wisdom, but wisdom without godly understanding is like a fishing pole without string or bait. You need to pray in the Spirit once you've studied the word and ask God to open the eyes of your understanding. You are building a foundation on which to put your faith. Once you know what God has said and you're secure in it you can begin to pray with confidence.

It is your diligence search that yields results. You must commit yourself to your children and your cause. I can't do it for you, and you can't just send out prayers with no foundation. You'll end up being tossed around like a cheap rag doll by the doubts, fears and worries the enemy sends your way.

My own child has gone through many challenges since leaving home. Things looked very bad in the beginning, but my husband continually reminded me to believe only. He was the Rock of Gibraltar in her life. I was thrown around by every little thing she said or did. She is coming around and every day I want to thank God for a husband who acted his faith in her life. He keeps me grounded when I want to fly off the handle.

Success as you seek God's will for your growing and grown children.