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I left for Belarus May 31st, 2005.  My heart was torn between the folks here in the states and the many orphans I met while there.  I worked on my Russian. Six years ago the Lord asked me to learn Russian and Chinese. I had no idea back then that I'd ever end up in Belarus.

Little Pasha was placed in the abandoned baby hospital a year before I met him. This static expression was all we saw on his face for most of the time we spent with him. After an hour an half we realized he must have been overheated as he had three layers of clothing on. It was about 90 degrees (it was June) in the small room where they kept him and eleven other babies. He has had very little contact with other humans so the littlest touch was an overload for him. He is one of 33,000 orphans in Belarus. Orphans are the lowest class of citizen in Belarus. Unless one lives in Belarus one can not adopt these children.

Belarus is the last openly Communist country left of the former Soviet Union. They are working hard to make it when none of their predecessors could do so. 

Belarus is also where the disaster of Chernobyl  impacted most. Chernobyl is  north of Belarus  in the Ukraine and has been quarantined with a fenced perimeter to keep unsuspecting folks from walking around the radiation soaked ground. The people of Belarus are still suffering from the effects of the nuclear leak.  It is no laughing matter and not a small matter either. It's detrimental effects rival those of the Tsunami disaster, but most people have forgotten about it.

I was not so sure what I was to be doing while in Belarus, but knew that God called me and chose me for a reason. He has taught me much about what is needed to minister in foreign countries with foreign languages. I have since learned that we take for granted our comfort in America and as believers we wouldn't make it in such severe surroundings. We need a new look at our lives, one with less complaining and more sacrifice for the kingdom of God.

The Body of Christ is pretty much underground in Belarus. The only "official" church is the Orthodox Russian church. While I was there I noticed a huge resurgence of Orthodox chapels being built in every community. It appears to be another way to control the people and what they think. We need to be in prayer for these lovely believers.

Cerise Welter

Update 2008 Foreign ministries are being expelled from Belarus and any person professing anything other than Russian Orthodoxy must endure extreme pressure from the government. We definitely need to be in prayer for the believers in Belarus.

Update 2010 We continue to intercede for the believers in Belarus. This country is one of the few considered dangerous to believers by "Voice of the Martyrs". The Body of Christ is forced to remain pretty much underground here, and those who do much in the plain sight of authorities are persecuted.

Update 2011-12 Today I host a Russian Women's Bible study and hope to return to Belarus one day. Your prayers are appreciated.

Update 2013-2015 I have many Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian girlfriends. I am presently back to studying Russian. Your prayers are appreciated.